The Intent of My Photography

* To ignite the natural pleasure we experience at the simple beauty and magnificence of a flower, a tree, a bird, or just being in the bush or by the sea.

* To evoke this positive association and connection through my photography.

The Intent of Nature's Canvas

*  To create Artwork that feels welcoming, inviting and relaxing, providing a focal point of connection and engagement for the viewer.

*  Provide Original, Quality, Australian Photographic Artwork, for people’s homes and their business environments.

My Experience

*  I have been taking photographs of nature for about 25 years and creating and selling Artwork from my Original images for the last 15 years.

*  I have collaborated with many small business owners, hotel owners and home owners who understand the intrinsic value of artwork, to instantly transform the feeling of a room.

*  I have always enjoyed working closely with my clients, creating artwork for a wide variety of spaces. Through this collaboration, we ensure my artwork plays an integral role in creating the overall ambience they envisage for their spaces.

Why Stretched Canvas

*  A stretched Canvas image has a rich and raw natural quality that automatically evokes your desire to engage with the image.

*  An image framed behind glass reflects it’s surroundings, whereas a Canvas image allows the viewer to connect directly with the subject matter, as if it was actually there.



All Nature's Canvas Photographs are taken in Australia and all Artworks created from these images are produced in Australia.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry you may have.